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Order/Quotation The Resuscitation Centre - UK First for Defibrillators, Medical Oxygen & Air Sterilisers Cardiac arrest?                   time is critical ... For every minute that passes the chances of survival decrease by up to 14%.  If you have a defib you could save a life. Contact us today! Ask a Question? Cardiac Science G3 and G5 Defibs for Schools and Sports Centres Home

Cardiac Science Powerheart® G5 Automatic

Offer Price £995.00

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GCE Medical Oxygen Cylinders Provide Lifeline Medical Oxygen for Emergencies

Emergency Medical Oxygen

Oxygen for Dentists, First Responders, etc.

Just £190.00 + VAT  per year


Medical Oxygen - Defibrillators - UV-C Sterilisers

We are a leading supplier of:

Formed in 2011 The Resuscitation Centre has been supplying medical oxygen for: doctors, dentists, first aid, first responders, clinics, etc. We supply medical oxygen cylinders designed to meet the specific needs of these professionals and the CQC requirements applicable.

We also supply AEDs/defibrillators specialising in Cardiac Science Powerheart G3 Elite and G5 fully automatic defibs AND Zoll AED Plus and Zoll AED 3 Defibs.

We have now added a new product to assist businesses with making their work places as safe as possible. The Steril-air UV-C Room Air Steriliser re circulates and sterilises the air in a room by using UV-C light contained in the machine to sterilise the air in a safe manner.

Cardiac Science G3 Elite and G5 Defibrillators

Unbelieveable prices!

Cardiac Science Powerheart® G3 Elite

The NEW Powerheart G3 Elite defib. conducts daily self-tests to ensure that the electrodes and battery are both present and functional making the G3 Elite ready to rescue 365 days of the year!

The Powerheart G3 Elite AED is designed to be simple to use by providing clear voice and text prompts to rescuers of any skill level. The Powerheart G3 Elite defibrillator determines if a shock is needed and delivers the shock automatically to the victim.

Key Features

See more info on the G3 Defib …

Cardiac Science Powerheart® G5

The first AED to combine real-time CPR feedback, fully automatic shock delivery, variable escalating energy, and fast shock times.

The powerful capabilities of the Powerheart G5 AED enable any user to administer therapy in a timely and effective manner to give a victim of sudden cardiac arrest the best possible chance

of survival.  

Key Features

See more info on the G5 Defib …

Also Zoll AED Plus Defibrillator and Zoll AED 3 Defibrillators

Cardiac Science Powerheart G5 Defibrillator - G5 Fully Automatic AED and G5 Sem Automatic AEDBuy Online

Cardiac Science Powerheart® G3 Elite Automatic

Offer Price £895.00

plus VAT & delivery - See offer

Cardiac Science Powerheart G3 Defibrillator - G3 Elite Fully Automatic AED and G3 Semi Automatic AED

Offer Price £190.00

plus VAT & delivery - See offer

Medical Oxygen Cylinders

Low Cost Medical Oxygen Service …. Save ££££’s vs other oxygen rental contracts!

Medical Oxygen Cylinders for Dentists, Doctors’ Surgeries, Clinics, First Responders, First Aid, etc.

Key Features

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Steril-air DY100 - UV-C Room Air Steriliser for rooms up to 100m3

Offer Price £495.00

plus VAT & delivery - See offer

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Steril-air UV-C Room Steriliser - 99.9% Disinfection!

Kills All Bacteria and Viruses including COVID-19!

Steril-air Ultraviolet UV-C Steriliser cleans and disinfects the air in the workplace with a 99.9% disinfection rate in one pass!

With the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic there is has been a lot of concern around the dangers and risks that many professionals, such as dentists, face in their field of work from exposure to contaminants and various disease pathogens present in the air.

Serving members of the public in relatively confined spaces and conditions where social distancing is not easily possible leads to anxiety in staff about the very real risks involved. Post the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) we all have a duty to provide the safest possible environment for staff, patients and clients.

Ultraviolet light (UV-C light) used in conjunction with air filtration in a 5-stage purification and sterilisation process, as in the Steril-air UV Room Steriliser, results in 99.9% clean sterile air for staff and clients. CE Certified and made to the highest quality standards, this UV room steriliser comes complete with two spare UV lamps and a 1-year warranty. Furthermore, there is no training required in its use, just plug-in and direct the clean airflow in the direction you choose.

See more info on the Steril-air DY100 UV-C Air Steriliser …

UV-C Workplace Steriliser - Steril-air UVC Room Air Steriliser - Workplace air steriliser and purifier
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Medical Oxygen Cylinders for Dental, First Responders, First Aid, Clinics, etc. Buy Online
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