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Emergency Oxygen Cylinders

All Oxygen Cylinder Kits include annual maintenance

The emergency oxygen kit from our approved supplier is designed to provide immediate medical oxygen in the first few minutes after an emergency.

The oxygen kit has been created to make a vital contribution to immediate healthcare before the arrival of the emergency services by providing high flow oxygen for use during Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and also a variety of different flow rates for other oxygen therapy indications.

Emergency Oxygen Kit Specification

The emergency oxygen kit is provided in a purpose-made rucksack style carry case for easy transportation to the casualty. It contains a lightweight medical oxygen CD cylinder with an integral regulator and a selection of oxygen masks.

Medical oxygen can be delivered between 1 and 15 litres per minute. This provides up to half an hour of treatment at the highest oxygen flow rate, helping to prevent the casualty deteriorating prior to the arrival of professional medical assistance.

The medical oxygen cylinder is inspected annually to ensure that the cylinder is in good working order. A report is produced and left with the customer as an auditing record.

Our approved supplier’s emergency oxygen team provide a next working day refill service. The kit can also be tailored to meet your specific requirements with additional equipment such as :-

What is included in the Emergency Oxygen Kit?

Emergency Oxygen - Benefits

Oxygen Cylinder Refill Service

If you have an Oxygen Cylinder from one of our suppliers we can provide a *next working day refill service. Contact us for details, or to place an order use the order form.

Oxygen Cylinder Pressure Testing

We also provide an Oxygen Cylinder pressure testing service. All our suppliers oxygen cylinders are designed and constructed in accordance with standards and specifications approved by the Health & Safety Executive.

These standards define the material of which the oxygen cylinder is made, the method of construction, its test pressure, the maximum permissible filled pressure and the method of regular testing.

Maintenance and testing of cylinders

If you own your oxygen cylinders you must be aware of your statutory obligations with regard to maintenance and periodic testing.

If you rent oxygen cylinders the owner of the cylinders ensures that the requirements of The Carriage of Dangerous Goods (Classification, Packaging and Labelling) and Use of Transportable Pressure Receptacles Regulations 1996, SI No.2092, in respect of construction and periodic examination and testing, are met.

Our supplier regularly inspects and tests oxygen cylinders and there is no need to include these cylinders in any Written Scheme of Examination prepared for a pressure system which comes within the scope of the Pressure Systems Safety regulations, 2000, SI No 128.

Emergency Oxygen - A Clinical View

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* Monday to Friday and excludes some remote locations in the UK.

Emergency Medical Oxygen

Medical Oxygen Cylinders - CD Cylinder 460L

Emergency Oxygen Cylinders that meet CQC Requirements for Dentists, Dr Surgeries, Clinics, first Responders, etc.

Modern and easy to use resuscitation equipment, including defibrillators and emergency oxygen cylinder kits, are helping more people than ever to survive medical emergencies such as cardiac arrests.

Although such medical emergencies are rare, having immediate access to the right emergency equipment along with the right training for those first on the scene has the potential to save lives.

The resuscitation equipment from our approved supplier, including portable emergency oxygen cylinders and portable defibrillators, is designed not just for use by medical professionals such as doctors and dentists, but also by appropriately trained first aid personnel within the workplace and community.

Medical Oxygen - BOC LIFELINE Medical Oxygen Cylinders

Emergency Medical Oxygen and AED Back Pack

This combined Medical Oxygen and AED bag is designed to transport all of your emergency first aid resuscitation equipment to a casualty quickly and conveniently. In an emergency situation, first aiders can carry the bag as a back pack leaving both hands free or they may fit the bag to separate trolley wheels.

The bag is designed to carry both a CD Oxygen Cylinder, which is secured with a large Velcro strap, and an AED in an expandable front pocket. There is additional space within the bag for oxygen masks and other resuscitation equipment.

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BOC Emergency Oxygen Backpack BOC Emergency Oxygen & AED Defib. Bag

Medical Oxygen - CD Oxygen Cylinders - 460L

Prices & Ordering

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Medical Oxygen Cylinders - Oxygen CD Cylinders - 460L Oxygen Cylinders

Emergency Medical Oxygen Kit

£248.00 +VAT per Kit per annum

Includes all of the items shown in the list as well as Annual Cylinder Maintenance to meet CQC requirements

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Reserve Medical Oxygen Cylinder - CD Size

£119.00 +VAT per annum

Available for ordering as a spare oxygen cylinder

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Oxygen Cylinder Refill

£67.80 +VAT per Cylinder

*Next working day Oxygen refill service provided to our clients

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David Jones, Rahul Patel and Tara Bonnett during the presentation of an AED donated by HeartSine to Rahul's school.

The use of a HeartSine Samaritan PAD Automated External Defibrillator saved Rahul’s life when he collapsed at Lea Manor Sports Centre in Luton.

HeartSine Defib for Schools and Sports Centres